5 Notable Bitcoin Wallets For Secure Bitcoin Storage

As you might imagine, the security of your private key is essential, lest someone gains access to your wallet and spend all the Bitcoins you’ve mined or traded for.

Which wallet you choose depends on whether utmost security or increased convenience is more important, and it’s recommended that you don’t stick to one particular type of wallet.

Here is a list of wallets for secure Bitcoin storage.


Multibit is a lightweight programming wallet. Likewise, with most programming wallets, Multibit scrambles your private keys locally or on a USB stick.

One valuable normal for Multibit is that it doesn’t have to download the whole piece chain to get to, send and get reserves.

Multibit joins straightforwardly to the Bitcoin arrangement and downloads just a little piece of the square chain, making it quick to utilize.

Bitcoin core

Bitcoin center is the first Bitcoin wallet, initially created by Satoshi Nakamoto and persistently upgraded by the center Bitcoin advancement group.

While it doesn’t have the propelled elements of Armory or the social part of Hive, Bitcoin center is likely the most investigated and took a shot at wallet out there, settling on it a dependable decision.


Hive is a Bitcoin wallet focused on new clients with some intriguing elements. For one, Hive has a texting-style interface that gives you a chance to send and get Bitcoins rapidly and effortlessly.

It likewise has an incorporated application stage and accompanies some implicit applications that give you simple access to a portion of the more famous Bitcoin-related administrations accessible.


Electrum is another lightweight Bitcoin wallet in the vein of Multibit. Electrum underpins deterministic wallets or produces various wallets from one seed.

It likewise gives you a chance to sign and make exchanges disconnected from the net and fare what it calls a root public key, which lets perfect applications screen your wallet. You can likewise import and fare private keys from other Bitcoin wallets.


Armory is a standout amongst the most secured and featured programming Bitcoin wallets accessible today? Ordnance offers three distinctive client modes- standard progressed and designer.

Some of its security components incorporate a graphical console to ensure against keyloggers, support for deterministic wallets, disconnected from the net exchanges, and broad cool stockpiling alternatives, including divided paper wallets.

Availing of a Personal Loan with a co-applicant

Since a personal loan is not inherently secure, i.e. it is not supported by collateral, lenders can support the decision to accept or reject based on your credit number and salary, both factors consider equality.

You know that the need for debt can arise at any time in life without allowing for the convenience of saving or planning. How can you handle such situations when you need to borrow money and suffer from bad credit or low income? The answer to this question would be to borrow from the applicant.

Who do we call a co-applicant?

A co-applicant is also a person who takes responsibility for a Standard Chartered Bank personal loan with you. Co-application is common when it comes to home loans, where spouses are the most popular combination of co-application. This feature is now being extended with personal loans by other banks and financial institutions.

Who can be a co-applicant?

Spouse, parents, or siblings can be your Loan Partner Loans. In the case of a home loan, only certain combinations such as a parent’s son, siblings, unmarried daughter/father/mother are allowed without a regular loan application from a partner. However, since a personal loan does not involve a joint venture or a guaranteed business (House, Gold, Car, etc.), other combinations may also be allowed to apply jointly. This will also depend on the rules, regulations, and procedures of your bank / financial institution.

How Can a Co-Application Help?

In the case of a joint application, the income of both applicants is covered by a single loan, this makes you fall under personal loan eligibility for a larger loan that may meet your needs. Or it may make you eligible for a loan that you may find difficult to accept on a single income. The same is true with your credit score. If you have low credit scores, then an applicant with good credit scores can help you with your loan approval as an integrated score can help you. Besides, the loan repayment remains with both applicants, so you can effectively split the payment obligation so that one person is not taxed for the entire EMI fee.

What Are the Challenges Involved in Finding a Co-Applicant for your loan?

Finding a co-applicant: Not everyone can be lucky enough to find a co-applicant who earns and has a good credit score. Your parents may be ready to apply, but if they are retired or have no (good) credit score, the whole purpose of having them as an applicant can be defeated.

Additional Documents: In the event of joint use of personal loans, the documentation requirements will include the same set of documents from both applicants who are responsible for preparing the required documents.

Loan Payment Agreement: The applicant is also equally responsible for the immediate repayment of the loan and their credit points are at risk if anything goes wrong from the end of the applicant. If the applicant also does not want to participate in the repayment of the loan and has no say in the use of the loan, it may be your sole responsibility to cancel the loan. In situations like these, it may be difficult to reach an agreement.

Process May Be Delayed: Personal loans are known to be issued immediately. However, when 2 applicants are involved, the consideration of additional documents may delay the loan process.

Not All Banks / Financial Institutions Provide Joint Loans: Not all banks or financial institutions offer individual loans collectively. If you have a good relationship with your bank, you can ask them to allow you to apply for a personal loan in a shared mode.

Living Life in a Pollution Free Environment

Life as we know it originally was simple and pollution free. There was no pressure on the land and resources as the population was too less compared to the land available. The animal and natural resources were enough to sustain life and nature took care of the limited pollution which was created by man in the form of food waste.

With time and the evolvement of mankind came the advancement and the discovery of fire brought with it the first pollutant to the atmosphere – Smoke. But smoke was the only pollutant and still nature was capable enough to clean the atmosphere up. Man became more and more adventurous and the mental capacities evolved that he could start thinking more and more along the lines of living a comfortable life. He learnt and started to use more of nature’s bountiful resources in the form of trees to build his homes and shelters, water and minerals like iron. The polluting factors increased gradually. Natural resources were being used at ever increasing levels to sustain life and make it more comfortable.

With the coming of the Industrial revolution a much more dangerous form of pollution came into the picture. Industrial Waste. This was much more dangerous than just smoke which till now had been the only factor polluting the air. As science advanced so too did the pollutants which began to poison the earth. Then air was being polluted with smoke and the water with industrial waste. Then came the pollution of land with the amount of human waste increasing due to the increasing population. Chemical pollution came and then the plastic and other forms of industrial and radioactive waste. IN order to keep his immediate environment clean man kind began to pollute rivers, seas and oceans one by one. Now Global warming and nuclear waste has joined the ranks of the factors polluting earth and actually no one knows when its going to end and where.

So how do we save the earth and live in a pollution free environment. You know the answer to that question we believe. In order to make sure that earth survives another million years or so we need to start to act now before it is too late as time is suggesting.

First and most importantly we need a non-polluting source of energy to drive our vehicles and planes. Petroleum and its derivatives have the biggest hand to play in the pollution of this world. Number of cars on the road is increasing day by day as millions of new cars come on the roads on a daily basis. This has to stop as neither our roads nor our air can take the burden any longer. We are headed for a major disaster if we do not find the solution urgently.
We must find an urgent solution to the industrial pollutants which are poisoning our drinking water and the rivers which are our life line. There are many cities in the world which are running out of drinking water. Recently Cape Town faced such a crises and had to struggle to come out of it.
Nuclear Waste has to go. . The average life of Nuclear waste is in the region of 8 million years. The amount of waste being produced will impact the life on earth and the oceans in very quick time as is already being felt by the dwindling of marine life all over the world.
Plastic is also a by -product of Petroleum products. This is one pollutant over which every person on the earth has power to minimise and curtail use. If we can do this collectively then we can at least cut off pollution of our immediate environment in very quick time.

The Importance of Fitness Training And Using Fitness Consultants

If you want to finally lose weight and drop that excess body fat you are carrying around, you need to take your Fitness Training seriously and you should use Fitness Consultants. There are many different Fitness Consultants that you can buy online, taking this step is a big decision for your future, but it is one that you need to make. How can you expect to lose weight if you do not consult in a fitness adviser? A fitness consultant is there to train you on the many different aspects of working out and maintaining your body weight. If you are not a professional in this type of thing, then you definitely can’t manage losing weight on your own. You need somebody to guide you through this process, tell you how to work out, and what types of workouts are going to lose you the most weight. They can also train you on proper nutrition and dieting plans. All of these many different aspects come together to create a thorough workout routine that is going to work to help you lose weight. They also teach you about maintaining that weight loss and making sure that you do not gain any weight back.

Learning Weight loss workout routines
One of the biggest aspects to losing weight, is doing the right types of workout routines. Did you know that there are some types of fitness-based activities that do not actually lose you any weight? You could work out for hours, and barely even break a sweat. That is why you need to do workouts that are highly strenuous and going to be powerful aspects to your weight loss routine. A fitness consultant is one of the only people that can advise you on fitness keys, fitness exercise and fitness instructions. They are people who specialize in working out for a living, and they teach others how to do it for themselves. They know exactly what types of workouts are best for weight loss, and they will be able to advise you on what these are.

Developing a schedule
Sticking to a schedule is incredibly important when it comes to losing weight. If you expect to lose weight, without having to stick to a schedule, you are definitely going to fail. You need to develop some type of workout routine, that you promised yourself you will uphold for the month ahead. A fitness consultant will be able to develop a schedule for you, and make sure that you regularly do your routines and stick to what you promised.

Keep the weight off
Once you start to lose weight, it is extremely important that you do not revert to your bad habits. Keeping the weight off is about maintaining a regular, healthy amount of exercise, and also eating healthier. Making sure that you eat the right foods is incredibly important. Your fitness consultant will work with you about how to eat healthier and get the proper amount of nutrients that you need to be healthy. This will help you keep the weight off and be happier in the months ahead.

Should You Hire an IT Consultant?

As your business grows, you will update your technology and computer systems to accommodate the rising demands of clients. You may hire more people to take on the extra workload, and look into methods of faster communication. You may wonder if bringing in an IT person to work in-house is a good investment, especially if you rely on the Internet and VoIP to get the job done. That is one option, but you can also consider keeping an outsourced IT consultant on retainer to call in when you have serious connectivity issues.

Why would you hire a consultant rather than add a full-time employee to your staff to handle IT? Here are a few things to take into consideration:

1) Activity. Think about the scope of your business and the usage of technology. Do you often give presentations and hold video conferences? Do you rely upon connections 24/7 to keep clients satisfied? Do you have branch offices in other locations or employees who work remotely? The size of your company may determine whether or not you need a full-time IT tech to keep everything operating smoothly. A smaller company may figure the expense of an added employee is too much compared to outsourcing.

2) Money. Of course, you must ask if you can budget a full-time salary and benefits to an IT person. When you outsource, you don’t concern yourself with insurance and retirement and paid vacation. You simply call when you need the help. An IT person on staff may not be a drain on your company, but seriously think about the investment and if a full-time person in the office is needed.

3) Expertise. When you interview potential IT consultants for an outsourced position, you may first check with local firms that specialize in VoIP and business Internet connectivity. Depending on the companies you contact, many may have years of hands-on experience installing telephones and conferencing equipment, whereas with interviewing candidates for an in-house position you must rely on resumes and references. If you want high expertise in IT (and who doesn’t), you must decide how you are going to find the right person for the job.

When the economy is strong and allows your business to thrive, you’ll want to take advantage of upgrades in telecommunications so you can foster that growth. Whether it requires bringing somebody into the office or hiring a consultant for periodic visits is something you need to discern and decide for the health of your company.

Booth Staff Training and More: Important Benefits Trade Show Consulting Offers Your Business

It’s no secret that working the trade show circuit can prove a major marketing undertaking. Setting up exhibits, coordinating the logistics, paying the fees and managing the post-event return on investment can quickly devour significant internal resources. In order to ensure that these promotional endeavors prove themselves worthy of the overall investment, it’s imperative to maximize efforts at each and every event.

Is your business currently sourcing ways to ensure that your team is operating at max capacity before, during and after the convention? If so, it’s time to consider aligning your business with a firm that specializes in consulting for trade shows. Offering a slew of services, a team that provides consulting for trade shows can help strengthen your business’ event impact and make a lasting impression with potential clients for optimal return on investment.

Booth Staff Training & Trade Show Software: Two Key Components Of A Consulting Partnership

One of the biggest benefits that a consulting firm can offer your business is booth staff training. The team manning your booths and exhibits are often the only exposure to your organization that event attendees will get. It’s imperative to ensure that they are always poised, articulate and as highly-trained as possible to manage any situation that may arise during the event.

A firm that specializes in consulting for trade shows will work with your staff throughout your partnership. A reputable firm will offer various booth staff training models to best complement your team’s specific schedules and needs. Onsite and remote options not only provide viable initial training, but they also serve as refresher courses to keep your team sharp while working the convention crowd.

Additionally, companies that offer trade show software as well will deliver further benefits and differentiators to your organization. Having access to trade show software means that, even after your initial training seminars, your business will still have access to the critical teaching points provided. This is imperative, not only as reinforcement for team members that have undergone initial trainings, but also works as an excellent tool to get new hires up to speed on what is expected of them during a marketing event. In short, trade show software helps sustain long-term excellence at any convention.

Other Benefits Offered By A Convention Consulting Firm

Beyond booth staff training, a consulting firm can also help manage before and after logistics as well. One of the biggest factors in event success is increasing the numbers of visitors that stop by your company stands during a function. A seasoned provider can offer objective pointers and tips on how to use your business exhibits to visually compel and engage the crowd.

Finally, a reputable firm will be able to manage the analytics of each individual function and offer tangible, measurable results. Items like numbers of conversations, leads and even conversions are all factors that your partner will be able to log and analyze for you. Outsourcing these responsibilities will not only free up your internal resources, but also grant you pinnacle precision when it comes to determining exactly how effective your overall convention campaign is going!

If you’re looking for innovative consulting for trade shows for your next convention, marketech360 delivers. From booth staff training services to trade show software for long term results, marketech360 can make you the star of the next show! Visit their site today to hear more!

Hire a WordPress Consultant for Your Blog

There are thousands of WordPress blogs out there, which is why you’ll want to make sure your blog or site is entirely unique. By using the free templates available on WordPress, your blog will appear the same as hundreds of blogs out there.

To distinguish yourself, you’ll want a WordPress site that screams you and jumps from the screen. This will attract more readers, and more profit. A WordPress consultant can tailor a design to fit your exact needs. They can also create custom plugins to make your site easier to manage. Plugins are like apps for websites, and can do almost anything to enhance your blog.

If you already have a blog and want to transfer over to WordPress, a WordPress consultant can move your exact design to this WordPress which is an easier blog management platform. Consultants sometimes even have transcribers which can transfer all of your current pages to your new WordPress site seamlessly. This would take tens of hours if you had to do it yourself.

Almost as important as choosing a good WordPress consultant is choosing a good web host. If you don’t already have a blog, but want a custom WordPress blog, you’ll have to choose a web host. Some people don’t realize the importance of choosing a good web host.

Some web hosting providers have slow loading times. This can cost you visitors. The speed at which a site loads can determine whether or not that viewer will stay on your page. They may never even bother to come back if it loads slowly.

Another thing to look at when choosing a web host is whether or not they give you a visitor capacity. Some web hosts will shut down your page if it gets too many viewers, simply because they are not set up or capable enough to deal with a high numbers of visitors.

You’ll want to look for hosting companies that have added security. Also, they should have some kind of back-up in place should something go wrong with your site. This is very important. If you lose your website content, you may be forced to start all over from scratch.

Some people choose their WordPress consultant first, while others choose their domain name and web host first. Choosing a consultant first can be advantageous because they have firsthand experience with many hosts, as well as, extensive WordPress experience. A consultant can tell you which web host works best for WordPress sites.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management Consulting

For any growing company no matter how big or small a properly managed and efficient supply chain is crucial to continued success. Without a properly running supply chain any business that provides goods or services will begin to fail or at the very least lose money and resources in areas where it should not. A growing chemicals corporation requires international reach to allow their chain to meet the constant demand of the chemicals industry. Even a healthy chain requires continued management to ensure stability in a constantly changing industry. By employing the services of a supply chain management consulting group a company of any size can ensure their chain is constantly analyzed and retooled to promote the most efficient operation and best integration of new ideas and practices.

Supply chain management consulting works by bringing in outside professionals to analyze every aspect of a corporations supply chain from the headquarters to the manufacturing plants, shipping centers to the customer no matter where in the world each part is. Through this analysis ideas and observations are then made about how to make the chain more efficient. This could mean consolidating some aspects or changing how others are done, retooling the manufacturing process or going with different third-party providers of some areas like shipping or packaging, where applicable.

The typical chain consultation process will take several possible courses of action into account. First will be chain outsourcing. In the constantly growing global market there are often chances of putting some aspects of a supply in other nations to save on cost of production while increasing efficiency. Not everything can be helped through outsourcing but advancements in many countries with cheaper operations have made outsourcing a key component of supply chain upgrading. Consultation will also examine whether the chain operations themselves can be tweaked to promote efficiency for lower cost. A truly efficient chain takes into account the things that happen with the company outside of the warehouse or manufacturing plant. Financial and customer services play a factor in the operation of the chain. A consultation will pinpoint where in those areas a company can improve and perhaps integrate operations to improve efficiency. Again outsourcing will likely come into play especially in regards to the customer service area.

A supply chain is a chemical company’s backbone. If it is not operating at its peak potential the company will experience loss in a time when it could easily thrive. Executives are tasked with managing and changing the operations of that supply chain to keep this from happening and to keep the company financially stable, but they cannot do it alone. A chain consultation will provide tremendous insight and recommendations to make sure things are running as efficiently as possible.

How to Answer a Consulting Case Interview

Are you an aspiring management consultant? Do you plan on interviewing with top management consulting firms such as Mckinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bain, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mercer, L.E.K Consulting, A.T. Kearney, Roland Berger or others? If you answered yes to both these questions then you are guaranteed to face several rounds of case interviews. So how do you answer consulting case interview questions?

When answering consulting case interview questions the most important thing above all else is to demonstrate to the interviewer your intelligence and ability to solve problems. There is a good chance that you will not even generate an answer nor will it be correct. Often case interviews can simply end up being an exploration of issues with the interviewer guiding you down one of many possible paths allowing you to formulate a solution to a problem, give recommendations or ‘ball park’ an estimate.

With this in mind never go too quick because you may overlook important elements of the problem and take too narrow a focus. Be sure to work at a steady pace however, to ensure you can at least give a final answer if required by the interviewer.

Interact with the interviewer and ask any questions to gauge the scope of the problem or fill in missing gaps of information. Often certain details of the case will be withheld purposely to see if you can determine what extra information would be useful. This demonstrates that you are both inquisitive and thorough.

Don’t be afraid to be creative because management consulting requires a large element of ‘thinking outside the square’ and innovative ideas. Be enthusiastic, confident and comfortable. Always let your personality come through. You may get way off track in a case interview and think that there is no way you will make it to the next round, however your personality is what often will get you over the line.

A good point to make here is the importance of bringing structure to your problem solving. Common methods and frameworks such as Porters 5 forces, the BCG Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Revenue and Cost modeling, business life cycle analysis, Mind Mapping, key issues grouping and problem decomposition are great ways of bringing structure to your thoughts, however feel free to structure your solution anyway you can keeping in mind what feels appropriate given the nature of the case question. There is nothing worse than attempting to apply some kind of method framework to a problem when it is off context or inappropriate. It is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

The last point that should be made is in regard to the appearance of your key strengths. Consulting firms hire from a variety of backgrounds and degrees including engineering, science, law, business, economics, management and commerce. They take anyone who shows the right attitude and mind for the job. Management consulting firms look for the most intelligent individuals, ‘all-rounders’ with competencies and interests in a range of disciplines and despite your education or experience being in only one or two areas they will provide the best training and education to bring you up to speed. It is important, therefore, that if you are a business or commerce oriented individual you must be sure to demonstrate creativity, problem solving skills and a level of thinking outside of the traditional number crunching economist or accountant mind set. Conversely someone like an engineer needs to demonstrate a level of business acumen with at least some knowledge or interest in the commercial world. Play to your strengths but don’t show the interviewer that you are only strong in solving problems from one particular approach or based on one educational style. In saying all this, number and math skills are a must, so make sure you can add, subtract, multiply and roughly divide large numbers in your head or on paper without the use of a calculator.

Using Balanced Scorecard Creation Consulting for Company Efficiency

In 1992, the balanced scorecard was established by David Norton and Robert Kaplan. Since then, this has been one of the most used strategy deployment methodology ever created for businesses. However, even though the BSC is widely used today, there are still a lot of companies that are having trouble when it comes to deploying the scorecard technique. The secret here is all in the creation phase. You have to nail this stage for the development of the balanced scorecard to be effective. Beginners like you may find this a real daunting task but you can always look for assistance from other organizations. Search for a company with a good reputation that will help you in generating your corporate or departmental BSC. They can offer you with balanced scorecard creation consulting.

According to a research, 90% of the companies in the United States can create their own strategy for their business but they find it hard to implement it. The percentage becomes bigger in the Asian region because strategic planning is still evolving there. With the help of balanced scorecard creation consulting, it is easy to clarify the mission and vision of the company and use them in the organization’s operations. Whether or not your company has already the strategies set out, you can validate them and use them so that you can have a more comprehensive strategy that will cover all the most important aspects in your business. These are the customers, the processes, information technology and organizational aspects.

You can use the balanced scorecard to deploy your strategies successfully. Aside from that, you can utilize it as part of your Enterprise Performance Management or EPM system. All these and more can be attained only if you have generated the right type and structure of balanced scorecard for your business. There are several companies to offer balanced scorecard creation consulting for their clients but you have to look for an organization that is credible and has really helped their customers over the years. By the end of the training or the consultation process, you should be able to formulate a scorecard that is effective and useful.

There are a number of organizations that provide BSC consulting for numerous periods. It can be a partnership between you and the other company. They will aid you whenever you need assistance in the BSC creation. This is quite important because once you have created your balanced scorecard, it does not mean that you wills top there. You have to update, renew or revise your existing one in order for it to fit perfectly in the current times.

During the scorecard design training, you will learn how to create the strategy map for your business. This is quite essential as this will teach you how to organize your objectives and strategies in one diagram. When you have the strategy map, it is easier to create the BSC because you can use the map as your guide to determine which should be measured as well as the most important processes or situations in your business.